Dion Fortune’s Glastonbury Tor meditation


During the first few years of the 2nd World War Dion Fortune wrote a powerful meditation based on an innerworld journey into an imagined cavern within the Tor at Glastonbury. This meditation, which developed as the months went by and the world situation changed, was based on a series of prescribed topics that focussed on the concepts of Unity and Spiritual Purpose. The aim of this magical work was to channel spiritual light and energy to the land and people, and to help bring about a peaceful resolution of conflict. 

Even then, Dion Fortune was looking towards the future, and many of the later meditation topics were designed to seed spiritual ideals in the Group Mind that would prepare the way for the new, Aquarian Age that would be ushered in once the Tides of Destruction had passed. Britain is no longer at war, but alongside Europe and many countries across the world we are faced with new challenges and dangers, many of which might be seen as part of the process of transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age. Not least is the present issue of the UK's relationship with Europe.

In a remarkable anticipation of some of these current challenges, Dion Fortune wrote: “Basing my conclusions on the occult teaching concerning the nature of Aquarius, I have tried to indicate how the New Age may be expected to work out. When I say the old forms of social organisation will break up, and everything will be in a state of flux, that racial and social barriers will be eroded and a general intermingling take place, I am not enunciating socialistic doctrines but astrological ones."  (War Letter 118, May 31st 1942)

The Glastonbury Tor meditation described below was initially undertaken by members of Dion Fortune’s magical Fraternity, but was later made available to those who felt drawn to join in. It was always undertaken from 12.15 - 12.30 every Sunday morning and it is our experience that there is a special power still present during this 15 minutes. You may find it works well to 'tune in' at that time, but if you can't, it doesn't matter - it's better to do it when you can than not at all.




Dion Fortune’s original meditation is published in ‘The Magical Battle of Britain: the War Letters of Dion Fortune’ edited by Gareth Knight and published by Skylight Press. This book contains some of DF's most explicitly described and powerful magical techniques, and is well worth reading in full. However, you will find sufficient information below to enable you to participate in the meditation.

Many visitors to this website will be familiar with various meditation techniques and have developed their own way of working. But it is important to follow Dion Fortune’s especial instructions for this particular meditation. The intention is that by visualising the described scenes and symbols, and then meditating on the prescribed phrases, you will create a link between the incoming spiritual energies and the Group Mind of the land and people. You should then allow that energy to work through in its own way. Dion Fortune is very clear that you should not attempt to direct the spiritual force to a particular end, however good you believe your intentions to be.  


The meditation

1.  First, read through the complete meditation so that you are familiar with it and can easily bring it to mind while you are meditating. The instructions may initially seem complicated but you will soon get the feel of them. 

2. Choose the topic that you would like to meditate on from the list below. Dion Fortune gave out a new topic each week to everyone taking part, but you may prefer to work with each topic for a longer period. Do what feels right.

3.  When you are ready to begin the meditation, make sure that you are physically relaxed and calm and that your breathing is slow and regular. 

4.  Then, bring to mind the meditation topic you have chosen. Think about what it means, and try to realise its spiritual implications.  

5.  Nexttake the innerworld journey described below, into the cavern within Glastonbury Tor. Visualise the scene as clearly as you can. If you are familiar with Glastonbury Tor so well and good, but if you are not, don't worry, just imagine it as best you can. 

Take the path which ascends the Tor until you reach a large boulder by a hawthorn tree that marks the entrance to the interior. Pass inside the Tor, down a narrow passage which descends steeply. The passage turns to the right, and leads you into a large cavern which is directly beneath the tower on the summit of the Tor.

The cavern is filled with golden light. At its centre is a golden, equal-armed cross of great size. At the centre of the cross is a Rose. The Rose is outlined in Diamond Light (an intensely brilliant, scintillating, white light). Build these symbols in your mind's eye until they are real for you, realising that the Rose Cross is a symbol of perfect balance within yourself, and between spirit and earth.

You may become aware of seven figures standing beneath the Rose Cross. Each is robed in one of the colours of the rainbow. 

When these scenes have built clearly in your mind's eye, think of yourself as part of the Group-Soul of the land and people; your life a part of its life, and its life the basis of yours. Your meditation is for the benefit of all. Try to make real the connection between Glastonbury Tor and the entire land.

Then, invoking the One Deity, open your mind as a channel for pure spiritual energy. Focus on allowing the spiritual force that you are bringing through, come through for all. Rely upon Cosmic Law to adapt it to individual needs or healing as appropriate.

You might now wish to bring to mind again your chosen topic.   

Finally, return to the outside world, close down your meditation and return to normal consciousness. You may find it useful to keep a record of what you have seen and learnt. 


If you would like to share any comments or questions about this meditation, you are most welcome to post them in the Forum section of the website



Some of Dion Fortune's suggested meditation topics are listed below.

Or, you might simply meditate on 'Love,' in its highest spiritual sense.

01.   The realisation that a single and indivisible Life ensouls all people.

02.   The principle of Unity.

03.   The Unity underlying Diversity.

04.   The spiritual principles of the New Age.

05.   Making contact with the spiritual influences ruling our land, using for this purpose the symbol of the Rose upon the Cross.

06.   The inevitableness of the victory of cosmic law over unbalanced force; therefore there is no need for fear.

07.   The neutralising of unbalanced force by spiritual influences. 

08.   Meditate on the Angelic presences guarding the land.

09.   Realise the comradeship of the Elder Brethren.

10.   Try to establish contact with a Master (ie an Inner Plane guide or teacher) in order that you may stabilise your own conditions.

11.   The power of Silence to bring Serenity.

12.   The rising Aquarian tide.