Magical Groups working in the Dion Fortune tradition

Several groups in the UK work in the magical tradition of Dion Fortune, and the website address of those that we are aware of are listed below. We are often asked about Western Mysteries/Dion Fortune groups in the USA but regret that so far we have no knowledge of any. We would be very pleased to receive any information.

Dion Fortune's original magical Fraternity is now known as the Society of the Inner Light and can be contacted at

According to its website, the aim of the Society is to ".....develop its members to their highest potential through the development of higher consciousness and balanced expression of the whole integrated being in physical life on earth."


The Gareth Knight Group:

The Gareth Knight Group was founded by Gareth Knight in 1973. (From 1999 - 2018 it was known as 'The Avalon Group' but has now reverted to its original name). It meets regularly at Hawkwood College, Stroud.

The group provides a thorough training in the theory and practice of magical work. The study course consists of three stages and explores the Hermetic, Green and Devotional Rays through meditation, study of the Qabalah, Elemental and Faery work, and Arthurian and Grail legend. 

Regular participation in the group's magical ritual is encouraged. All students are fully supervised by experienced members of the group.


The Company of Avalon:

The website of this group defines its work as: "The backbone of our work is along the lines of the 'Arthurian Formula' originally worked by Maiya Tranchell-Hayes and her pupil Dion Fortune. This is largely worked now through the mythos and techniques of the Brythonic Celtic Mysteries."


The Servants of the Light: Although not solely aligned with the Dion Fortune tradition, the Servants of the Light's website states: “A school of occult science. Membership is international, with courses offered based on teaching of people such as Regardie, Fortune and others.”