Monday, 15 October 2018
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Hello Companions,

I would like to know from other how they ground themselves following meditations and other magical work.
I know it's really important and have found myself being complacent recently and have learnt that closing down is as important as opening up ; all in moderation and being disciplined about how often one connects of course.

Due to a recent job loss I found myself getting carried away with my meditations, reading , learning and thinking......without realising I was not closing down. After a freaky dream ? I spoke to a 'friend ', she reminded me of how important it was to close down and ground oneself, so after doing a visual closing down I immediately felt my feet touch the earth again.
I'm giving myself a few weeks off and am looking at planting wild flowers in the garden and woodland and crocheting ?. Hopefully this will help fill my time and focus on more 'earthly things.

Thanks in advance,
Wild Rose
3 years ago
Thank you Peter and Nova for your help. When I undertake the tor meditation I reverse my journey as you have suggested to close down.

I must admit though there are a couple of other exercises I am doing at present and I'm not following any structural close down.
Ive also been making a ceremonial dress for rituals and have been opened up whilst making my dress as well as making other stuff.

I've looked back in one of DF books where she stamps her foot on the ground,saying 'it is done' and closes the curtains like at the end of a theatrical performance.

Then it's time for the biscuits...

I think I just need to be mindful of what I'm doing I suppose.
Thanks again for your help.
Wild Rose
3 years ago
Hello Wild Rose

And thank you for such an interesting question - I suspect it is an issue that affects us all from time to time. I agree with Peter that there is little better than food and drink. However, I just wondered if it might be helpful to take a little step back to the stage just before that, the closing of the meditation before you get up and move away from your meditation space. Do you have a particular way of opening your meditations? The best way of closing may mirror the opening. For example, if the start of a meditation involves visualisation of moving to a place, then the closing needs to reverse that process. If the entry is through a door, then the closing needs the door to be firmly closed behind you. Similarly, if the formation of meaningful geometric shapes is used as part of the opening, then the closing needs to incorporate an appropriate use of those symbols too.

Then it's off for the tea and biccies.
3 years ago
Dear Wild Rose

Personally I find that a nice cup of tea and a custard cream or three usually does the trick!!

On a more serious note, yes, isn't it difficult to get the right balance between outer and inner work. Sometimes meditation seems like a real chore, and then at other times it feels more like a refuge.

I think there's a rhythm to it which probably comes from a combination of where you are in your own life and how the inner tides are flowing. Also, I think we naturally tend to push forward in one direction until suddenly it doesn't feel right any more, so we stop, look around, take stock, and make changes.

So far as I know, DF always emphasised the importance of getting outside, doing some gardening, using your hands. And if while you do these things you're deliberately calming your mind and emotions, focussed, breathing deeply, then in a sense you are meditating anyway - or at least, benefitting from the techniques of meditation - but at the same time grounded in the here and now!

Best regards

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