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A paper by Dion Fortune: 'Notes on the Planes and Evolution' can be accessed from the Home page in the drop-down menu headed 'Dion Fortune.' The paper is dated 1923, the year in which Dion Fortune first mediated the material that was later published as The Cosmic Doctrine.


This paper is very interesting. It is obviously dealing mainly with the development of the Solar Logos rather than the earlier 'Cosmic Doctrine' stuff which spends a great deal of time on the First Manifest and initial creation of the Logoi. It certainly greatly simplifies the material covered in the 'Cosmic Doctrine' and has obviously been through a round or two of recapping and clarification which is very useful. The new material regarding the Dark Rays is very interesting indeed and I think, forms the missing link, for me at least, between the 'Cosmic Doctrine' and my own later thinking on the workings of the cosmos. I always found it strange that there did not seem to be any method of stimulating the tidal flow of the evolutionary cycle. The original talk of the seed atoms moving through the rays and rings seemed to me to explain the creation and accretion of the Planes and Logoi but did not give rise to the tensions necessary in order to instigate the cyclic nature of evolution. This new material explains that very well - after all, the in breath of Brahma must be initiated by something - and it also introduces the concept of corrective action being available. I love the idea that there are specialised scavenger forces available to correct elements of creation that are in error - a sort of cosmic surgeon who can cut out the cancer of evil and return the body to a point of purity allowing it to grow from the point of the creation of the error of its ways. My mother used to talk about this concept with regard to human individualities in terms of what she called 'The Cosmic Crunchy Grind' - conjuring up the image of an immense waste disposal system.

In short, I think it clarifies a lot of the material in the 'Cosmic Doctrine' and then goes on to complete that information (as far as it goes). I suspect that there may be more such gems hidden away somewhere and I hope that, if this is the case, they come to light sooner rather than later.
8 months ago
Hmm! This is intriguing. The idea of three "dark rays" in addition to the usual seven rays makes sense, and echoes older Hermetic material -- I'm thinking here of Robert Fludd's discussion of the two manifestations of God, the bright Aleph or divine voluntas, which creates the worlds, and the dark Aleph or divine noluntas, which dissolves the worlds. Further comments will have to wait until I've had the time to study, and meditate on, this paper.

Do you happen to know if there are more papers available like this one?
8 months ago
JMG - the idea of three 'dark rays' does indeed bring The Cosmic Doctrine into closer alignment with a number of other cosmologies. It is a remarkable addition.

The original paper contains a reference to another, related paper of the same date (1923) but unfortunately we do not have a copy of this second paper. Perhaps there are more, but who knows! It is difficult to understand why this material has not previously been released.
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