Thursday, 23 February 2017
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While searching for insights from Dion Fortune during these difficult times in America, I came across her book, Glastonbury, Avalon of the Heart. Read chapter six, Wearyall. The last sentence says, "...for it is the land and its ways that make history far more than the will of kings."
5 years ago
'Extinction burst' - good expression!

Something that comes to mind is that for better or worse it looks as if I chose to incarnate at this bumpy time between the Piscean and Aquarian Ages and much as I really wish things would go away and sort themselves it would probably be better if I did what I could to ease the passage.

It's so tempting it is to join in with the 'Trump baiting,' and it certainly provides temporary release and relief of feelings! Yet probably only makes things worse in the long run. The ideal approach, I guess, is to find the point of balance in the middle of the bridge between old and new, to recognise the upheavals and turbulence that's happening on either side, yet maintain the still point of balance. To link, to interpret, to give, but to stand firm.

Easier written than done, though!

Peter Nascien
5 years ago
Psychologists call it the "extinction burst", a last gasp at old ways and perceptions before the new consciousness takes over. I hope it bursts soon so we can move on.
5 years ago
Many thanks, Tiphareth, for highlighting DF’s wise remark regarding the enduring nature of the land and its ways. Humankind has only existed on earth for a few brief moments compared to the life of the planet. With good reason we become caught up in the crises of the present moment, but even taking a slightly longer view we can perhaps see the current movement towards Populism as an inevitable ‘final fling’ of the values of the Piscean Age.

Peter Nascien
5 years ago
Dear Tiphareth, welcome to the website of the Companions of Dion Fortune.

The land is indeed enduring and long suffering, and it can be a great solace and a source of strength. A little time spent making contact with the land can pay great dividends.

In the 'Glastonbury Tor Meditation' thread on this forum there is some discussion of those special places that have taken on a particular significance. So far, the discussion includes mostly UK sites. We would be delighted to hear of others.

Very best wishes to you and thank you for joining us on the forum
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