Welcome to the Dion Fortune website. It is organised by a group of people whose aim is to raise awareness of the magical work of the occultist and author Dion Fortune by providing a source of information about her life and works, a collection of new, scholarly articles, and a Forum for discussion. You can access all of these by clicking on the menus at the top of this page. You will also find a full description of Dion Fortune's 'Glastonbury Tor meditation.' This is one of her most powerful and significant pieces of magical work and has great relevance for our present times. We invite all to take part in this meditation.


The Forum is a place to share new ideas, provide notice of events and publications, and offer general news and views of Dion Fortune and her work. All are invited to contribute, and please do let us know of any events you would like to be mentioned here. 

 If she was alive today, Dion Fortune would surely have a website!