Welcome to the Dion Fortune website. It is organised by a group of people whose aim is to raise awareness of the magical work of the occultist and author Dion Fortune by providing a source of information about her life and works, a collection of new, scholarly articles, and a Forum for discussion. You can access all of these by clicking on the menus at the top of this page. You will also find a full description of Dion Fortune's 'Glastonbury Tor meditation.' This is one of her most powerful and significant pieces of magical work and has great relevance for our present times. We invite all to take part in this meditation. The Forum is a place to share new ideas, provide notice of events and publications, and offer general news and views of Dion Fortune and her work. All are invited to contribute, and please do let us know of any events you would like to be mentioned here. If she was alive today, Dion Fortune would surely have a website!

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One of Dion Fortune’s primary concerns was to convey her knowledge to those who worked with her during her lifetime, and to those who came after her. Uniquely, she encompasses the three Rays of Hermetic, Green and Devotional magic, and there is still much to be discovered in her work by all seekers of Inner wisdom.


Perhaps you have been inspired by a phrase in one of Dion Fortune’s text books, or have been led to a new understanding of yourself and the world about you through reading her novels? We encourage all folk in the magical tradition of Dion Fortune to use this website to share their thoughts, ideas and experience of her work with others on the same path.


The magical tradition of Dion Fortune is active, progressive and evolving. Her writing is clear and straightforward but it inspires profound thought and responds well to intellectual interpretation. She looked towards the Aquarian Age, and the changes in our thinking that the new age will require. We invite you to actively engage in this aspect of her work!


“It is because my novels are packed with such things as these (symbolism directed to the subconscious) that I want my students to take them seriously. The ‘Mystical Qabalah’ gives the theory, but the novels give the practice. Those who read the novels without having studied the Qabalah will get hints and a stimulus to their subconscious. Those who study the Qabalah without reading the novels will get an interesting intellectual jig-saw puzzle to play with; but those who study the ‘Mystical Qabalah’ with the help of the novels get the keys of the Temple put into their hands.
As Our Lord said: ‘Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost?’"

Dion Fortune

Dion Fortune in the 21st Century

Descriptions of a person can vary as much as the number of people you ask. Dion Fortune’s own writings are largely devoid of personal references as she was very well aware of the risks to the Occultist of the cult of personality and wished to discourage this. She did speak openly of the psychic attack which occurred in her youth in Psychic Self-defence for educational purposes but apart from this, she does not speak of herself. Charles Fielding comments: “To encapsulate within the narrow confines of a book anyone’s life, no matter how humdrum, is impossible, and the life of Dion Fortune was in no way simple or ordinary…we have known her by her works rather than by the details of her personal life.” It might be said that the work of the magician is to know oneself, and it is not intended that this self is the personality.
Her integrity, intelligence, pragmatism and capacity to reflect shine out in her written works.

Once upon a time, long, long ago, religion, science and magic were not seen as separate disciplines. Indeed, it appears that there were no separate words that could be used to indicate any demarcation between religion, science and magic. Later, some folk developed strong views about what was acceptable and who should be allowed to know and do what. That led to a desire to suppress some areas of study and practice. In order to decree what was acceptable and what was not, it was necessary to have some way to distinguish between those areas. Words had to be created to discriminate between the practices so that those things someone considered ‘bad’ could be prohibited. So it was that religion, science and magic became separated. Perhaps we should also include that handy ambiguous word superstition as one of those categories, it being a useful term of derision that could be applied by anyone subscribing to any one of the categories to describe any of the other categories. Read More.